Momentary Bliss

Fleeting but satisfying nonetheless, an experience that'll linger in your mind long after it's over.

1 hr- 450*

1.5 hrs- 600

2 hrs- 800**

3 hrs- 1200

*For established friends only **Recommended for new friends

Amorous Rendezvous

A little anticipation can intensify even the most passionate encounters. Coy glances, warm laughter, your hand at the small of my back… Let's connect over a gourmet meal or another activity of your choice.

4 hrs- 1500

6 hrs- 2000*

8 hrs- 2500

*My personal favorite



Sensuous Escape

Let the constraints of time melt away and become immersed in my very essence. No matter the occasion- business trip, vacation, or just some much needed TLC, I’m all yours. 

14 hrs- 3000

24 hrs- 4000*

48 hrs- 5000*

* requires 6-8 hrs of beauty sleep

~ Please note that priority is given to longer engagements, established friends, and “dream dates” ~


Haven’t you heard? All good things come in pairs! I’m available for engagements with you and a plus-one of your liking or if you prefer, I can bring a friend.

~ 2hr min. I may ask that our rates be matched, please inquire for more details.

Fly Me To You

Don’t let something as trivial as distance keep us apart, I’d love to meet you in the city of your choice. I have a keen sense of adventure (and a passport), so international requests are more than welcome.

  • A minimum booking of 8 hours for U.S. cities; 24 hours or longer for international destinations

  • Airfare (first/business class) + accommodations (4/5- star hotel)

  • 50% deposit to reserve my time