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“She’s the kind of woman that will drive you crazy by doing absolutely nothing except being herself.”

- Daniel Saint

Age Early 20’s | Height 5’4’’ | Tattoos None | Measurements 32D-24-37 | Personality INTP | Zodiac Sign Libra | Piercings Earlobes | Grooming Bare


Although my long legs may suggest differently, I stand at a delicate 5ft 4in. Toned yet supple in all of the right places, my svelte figure is enveloped by soft, toffee-colored skin. Plump lips, high cheekbones, and captivating hazel eyes adorn my face- you’ll quickly see why it’s one of my most complimented features.


I’d describe myself as an extroverted introvert- some nights I spend lounging around in my favorite silk robe, other nights I’m the vivacious life of the party. I’m a complex blend of easygoing charm and warm, erotic energy. My sense of humor is quick-witted and endearingly playful (I bet we’ll have a few inside jokes in no time).


Born and raised in the U.S., with ethnic roots in North Africa and the French Caribbean. Rich cultural influences and a private school upbringing are responsible for my erudite worldliness.


Bachelors degree from an acclaimed U.S. university. My major was STEM related so be prepared for a glimpse of my nerdy side.


Travel, Fine dining, Fitness, History, Science, Art, Dance, Film, Theatre


In my free time, you’d most likely find me at the gym, practicing my French, volunteering at a local charity, or watching a documentary on my latest fixation. As a curious and multi-faceted young lady, my favorite thing to do is learn a new skill or partake in a new experience- doing so has introduced me to yoga and ballroom dancing (it takes two to tango, right?).


Chic and feminine with a modern edge- I’m partial to flattering dresses and tasteful heels but I also love the effortlessly sexy combination of form-fitting jeans and a t-shirt.